Witch Knight Cutscene

(Just after the fight with the shadow attacker in Hyland hall)

Varkonen slaps Caleb on the back “Well! That was most impressively played! Most impressive! I couldn’t land a single blow on that devilish fellow.”

Caleb winces slightly and staggers under the bigger man’s blow “It’s no failing of yours, Sir Varkonen. Mari here has enchanted my blades so that I can harm the thing.”

Varkonen smiles widely at the witch “Very clever of her. Always thought she’d be a good one. You can see it in their eyes.” points both his fingers at his own eyes and winks at her

Mari raises her eyebrow and glances sideways at Caleb

Caleb smiles indulgently at the other knight “She is a very clever girl. But we should move on, there’s no sense in risking your good household any further with this stalker that trails us.”

Varkonen summons a servant “Well let it not be said that you leave empty-handed from Hyland! No man that can carry a fight in my own hall and leave me swinging like a novice should walk out of this castle!”

Caleb protests as the mighty Varkonen places a meaty arm around his shoulder and leads him out to the yard “Sir… it was merely the spell on my blades that let me carry the fight. You owe us nothing.”

In the courtyard

Two ponies are brought forward

Varkonen gestures grandly at the ponies “A gift! For the clever little girl, and the knight that helped to save my hall this day!”

Caleb shakes his head “Sir Varkonen, I hardly saved your hall… that shadow wouldn’t have been here if-”

Varkonen slaps him on the back again, knocking his breath away “Nonsense! I can’t allow my dear friends to WALK to Kalray, now can I? What would they say? Varkonen is a generous knight, that’s what they should say.”

Mari steps between the men and glances at Caleb as he catches his breath “Tis true, Sir Varkonen. You are truly a generous knight, and we accept your gracious offer.

Varkonen blushes

Mari smiles widely and looks at the ponies “I’ll ride the white one.”