My name is Tami Olsen, and I write.

I write stories and poetry, design game narrative, build and destroy worlds, do a bit of web coding, love to sketch and paint, talk incessantly, and occasionally offend anyone of the close-minded bent.

My writing has led me down many paths. I’ve written novels, poetry, and short stories. I went back to school for a degree in Game Design in order to better understand writing on an interactive level. I’ve extended my reach into freelance copy editing and content writing, which touches on marketing and usability. And of course I blog when I can find the time.

I’m a geek, and I married a geek, and I have two geek children. Our household is a compromise between Star Wars and Star Trek, Marvel and DC, solo and multiplayer. Both my children were brought into theĀ TTRPG culture before grade school and could competently DM by their teens. Swords are a theme in my interior decorating. I have the largest anime collection of anyone I know. Ditto for books.

I’m sarcastic, but kind. I swear a lot. I let people go too far without telling them it hurts me. I consume knowledge and frequently change my opinions of the world based on new information. I believe you have the right to your own beliefs, but not the right to determine or judge mine. I’m a champion and an antihero. I cry a lot. Usually for no reason.

It’ll never be boring.