My name is Tami Olsen, and I write.

I write stories and poetry, design game narrative, build worlds, do a bit of web coding, love to sketch and paint, talk incessantly, and occasionally offend anyone of the close-minded bent.

I live in the Upper Midwest on a family farm in a very rural community. I’d say “backwards” but I’ve come to realize that it isn’t… it’s just very patient. It does mean that most of my writing is done remotely, but I’ve perfected the art of telecommuting. My office in the farmhouse is nice and cozy, and lined with books as well as being full of high tech.

I take great pride in the crafting of words. Anyone can write, but it takes passion and skill to be a wordsmith. Oftentimes having a good writer on a project is considered a luxury, and instead the workload is distributed among other teammates when the budget gets tight. However, ask anyone that’s worked with a professional writer and they’ll tell you it’s well worth it.

My writing has led me down many paths. I’ve written novels, poetry, and short stories. I went back to school for a degree in Game Design in order to better understand writing on an interactive level. I’ve extended my reach into freelance copy editing and content writing, which touches on marketing and usability. And of course I blog when I can find the time.

In today’s world of instant gratification and on-demand entertainment, writing is becoming more and more important. A wordsmith with the ability to capture the imagination and emotions of today’s consumers will boost a product above its competitors and catch the attention of the masses. Words go by at a dizzying speed, and information is soaking our brains every waking moment. It’s important to make your words stand out among the rest.

That’s what I do. I bring words to life, and I craft experiences.

If you can use a wordsmith, head over to my contact page for information on how to get in touch.